Launch of Ensemble Music Video Challenge

More than just a music challenge, Ensemble Music Video Challenge (EMVC) is an initiative launched by Learning Chapters Education Hub.

“Many people will be curious as to why a learning centre is organizing a music-related event. Learning in itself does not limit the form of learning to just academic subjects or enrichment classes like coding, but it encompasses all disciplines,” said Benson Lim, its founder.

“Much have been said and heard about STEM, which refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. There is a strong focus on STEM throughout the world in recent years and, in Singapore especially. STEAM however, has the additional element of Art. As the saying goes – ‘Earth without art is just eh’, but in Singapore context, the use of the word ‘eh’ might be seen as being impolite.

This is where Learning Chapters hopes to do, to help add that little bit of art element here in Singapore and to improve our awareness and appreciation towards art, specifically in music, through the Ensemble Music Video Challenge,” he continued.

EMVC hopes to challenge the participants in terms of their creativity and technical skills, by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and take the first step to produce a quality music video.

Other than playing good music, the video aspect requires participants to have an original and creative story to tell, the know-how to shoot and record video and music, as well as the knowledge in post-production to put everything together into a quality production.

“Surely, there will be some people who may stop short of entering this challenge as they may feel apprehensive of the idea to produce a music video as they are not familiar with the entire process. Hence, we will be making various resources available and also conduct workshops on music video productions. It is all about the process of learning, isn’t it?” Benson said.

The significance of EMVC lies in creating a platform to develop and showcase the talent of our local musicians. Despite the relatively young age of the music scene, there is an increasing number of musicians with immerse talent in music performance. That talent is often overlooked, or even ignored, on the international arena.

“Other than traditional concerts, many people are spending much of their time appreciating music through social media platforms. People no longer just listen to music, but they watch a music performance. There is a unique appeal in music videos in that they capture audiences’ attention more intensely through the combination of audio and visual effects.

We believe that with deliberate efforts to produce high quality music videos, our local musicians can better market themselves and connect with the international audience base, via popular social media platforms. This challenge strives to showcase our local musicians’ creativity and musical talents through a highly recognized platform,” Benson elaborated.

“We hope that the challenge seeks to spur local musicians, specifically chamber ensembles, to be creative in reaching out to the international audience base through the production of quality music videos.”

Ensemble Music Video Challenge (EMVC)
Organized by Learning Chapters Education Hub

Registration Opens: 18 September 2017
Registration Deadline: 31 December 2017

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Band Fusion is proud to be the Official Media for EMVC.

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